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As a results-driven criminal defense law firm, The Kushner Law Group strives to defend our client’s constitutional rights. Our New York criminal defense lawyers are guided by our founding principles of equality and justice. We understand that the person whose charged with a crime is not the only person affected by this difficult situation. As a consequence, their family and friends are effected as well. That’s why we aggressively fight for our clients to make sure that their constitutional rights are protected as we defend their case.

We at the Kushner Law Group make it a point to review every aspect of your case in order to best strategize your defense. We work with our clients one on one to document the details in order to meet the legal standards to protect your rights. Whether it be a violation, misdemeanor or a felony charge; we are here to help you understand how the process works. We will be there with you from arrest to arraignment, through motion practice and through trial.

The criminal justice system is a unified coded process of statutes and common law judicial decisions that are often not uniform in its prosecution of all criminal matters. That’s why we pay special attention to the unique circumstances of all criminal defense matters we represent. It’s imperative that you find a criminal defense law firm that understands your particular needs.

In doing so, we’ve gotten successful results that have met our client’s expectations. We’ve been able to do this because we have a thorough understanding of how the courts and the prosecution operate. We are here to protect and defend your rights from Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, to the Federal Courts. Call the Kushner Law Group; we’re here to help you from start to end in order to defend your rights.




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