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How We Can Help You If You’ve Been Charged With A Crime in New York City

If you have been charged with committing crimes in New York City (NYC); you need to find an experienced criminal defense law firm who understands the District Attorney’s Office and the New York court system in order to protect your constitutional rights. The Kushner Law Group has spent years protecting our client’s rights in State and Federal Courts and we have structured our defense strategies around these best practices to defend your rights. Although the below list is not exhaustive of what we do, please see below some of the charges may reflect your own situation.

If you or a loved one has been arrested click here to learn more about what happens when someone is arrested and the arrest process:

Appeals & Post-Conviction Relief

Drug Crimes

Conspiracy Drug Charges – State
Conspiracy Drug Charges – Federal
Distribution & Manufacturing
Federal Drug Charges
Marijuana Sales & Possession
Narcotics Possession
Narcotics Dealing
Narcotics Trafficking
Narcotics Transportation

Major Felonies

Cigarette Smuggling
Computer & Internet crimes
Domestic Abuse
Felony Assault
Grand Larceny
Hate Crimes
Pornography Possession
Sex Crimes
Weapons & Firearms Violations

Criminal Weapons Possession
Criminal Sale of Weapons
Federal Gun Laws

White Collar Crimes

Enterprise Corruption
Bank Fraud
Computer Fraud
Credit Card Fraud
Currency Schemes
Healthcare & Insurance Fraud
Insider Trading
Investment Fraud
Mail Fraud
Money Laundering
Ponzi Schemes
Securities Fraud
Wire Fraud

Government Investigations

DOJ & SEC Subpoenas
Government Investigations
Federal Offenses
Immigration Violations

General Criminal Defense

Bail Reduction Hearings
Driving While Intoxicated, Driving While Impaired & Driving Under the Influence
Night Arraignments
Theft & Larceny
Criminal Possession of Stolen Property
Grand Larceny
Identity Theft
Petit Larceny
Sentencing Hearings
Theft of services

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • The moment you are contacted by the police, you should quickly tell them that you will not meet with them without legal counsel present. Obtain a name and telephone number for the person who contacted you. Reach out to our office immediately so that we can assess the situation and help you proceed.
  • As soon a person is arrested, it is advisable to hire an attorney to represent their interests. Call our office at 718-504-1440 so that we can help you: (1) assert their right to not make any statements; (2) find which precinct they have been brought to; (3) determine what charges are being alleged against them; (4) attempt to expedite their processing time at the precinct; (5) communicate with the district attorney's office to determine what charges that will be formally charged against them (if any); (6) communicate with the Court to attempt to expedite the processing time until they are seen by a judge; (7) appear at the courthouse or central booking with them; and (8) represent them at the arraignment in order to make the best application to the court to have them released on recognizance or as low bail as possible.
  • This is an old question that routinely arrises when someone interacts with the court system. Some appointed lawyers are better trial attorneys than $1,000,000 attorneys that are routinely featured on television. Some private lawyers are worse trial attorneys than first-year law students. You need to be comfortable and confident with the person who represents you or your friend/family member. Hiring private lawyers provides you with a level of access that cannot happen with an appointed lawyer. You will have our cell phone numbers and can reach us any time of day or night. When a court appearance is scheduled, you will likely be our main focus as we have limited cases. Typically, this is not the case with an appointed lawyer. This type of access can have a tremendous effect on your outcome and it can also have a tremendous effect on your experience with the court system.
  • We differentiate ourselves by trying to understand your needs while applying it to your case and we are here to guide and help you understand the complex process of the criminal justice system. In addition, we defend you with our thorough knowledge of the varied intricacies of government investigations while we vigorously defend your constitutional rights.
  • We accept cash, checks, and most major credit cards. Under certain circumstances payment plans can be arranged.
  • Call our office at 718-504-1440. During a brief conversation we will assess the legal situation that you are facing. If it is a matter that we can handle, we will set up an initial consultation and meet with you in our office. All consultations are free of charge and there is no obligation to utilize our services.

NYC Felony Charges

A New York felony offense demands serious attention. The Kushner Law Group is here to protect you with whatever NYC felony charges you are facing.

New York White Collar Crimes

Criminal convictions can have extraordinary effects on professionals and others with licensing concerns. The Kushner Law Group has experience handling all types of New York white collar crimes. We have the expertise to protect you and your organization.

New York Drug Crimes

New York drug crimes prosecutions in State and Federal Courts have particular challenging aspects that require highly competent attorneys.  We have protected our client's rights from prosecutorial charges stemming from  handling small marijuana possession cases to heroin conspiracy trials.

New York Appeals & Post-Conviction Relief

New York Appeals and post conviction relief are time-sensitive and labor-intensive. The Kushner Law Group handles a small number of appeals and post-conviction relief cases in order to properly dedicate time and resources to your needs.

New York Government Investigations

We provide extensive pre-arrest assistance to those who have become the target of many different federal or state agencies. The Kushner Law Group can assist you to avoid an arrest or place you in the best possible position to mitigate the effects that an arrest can have on you and your business due to Federal and New York government investigations.

General Criminal Defense

We are skilled in and can handle many other matters that affect your life. Small matters like desk appearance tickets or night arraignments are handled with the same skill, zeal, and professionalism as felony sentencing matters.

Contact us now for a free consultation. We’re here to protect and defend your rights.

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