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The Kushner Law Group’s Criminal Defense Areas of Expertise

The Kushner Law Group is a full service NYC criminal defense law firm that protects the rights of its clients against criminal charges in both State and Federal Courts. Our NYC criminal lawyers have a wide variety of New York criminal law expertise that have also helped our clients from cases ranging from misdemeanors to felony offenses. As New York criminal defense Lawyers, we are here to defend your rights.

Regardless of the severity or the charges, Our NYC criminal lawyers handle each case as if they were going to trial because it’s our duty to vigorously advocate on behalf of our clients. In doing so, over the years we have formed an expertise in certain criminal law practice areas that form the umbrella strategy of the Kushner Law Group’s practice. Our expertise range from major felonies, white-collar crime, drug crimes, extraditionsappeals & post relief, government investigations to other general criminal defense matters.

By defending our client’s rights in all the criminal law practice areas, the Kushner Law group has developed a level of strategic expertise required to successfully defend against prosecutorial challenges. This level of experience has strengthened our ability to aggressively defend against government overreach. The Kushner Law Group applies these strategies to effectively defend clients in both State and Federal Courts. Contact the Kushner Law Group; we are here to defend your rights.

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NYC Felony Charges

A New York felony offense demands serious attention. The Kushner Law Group is here to protect you with whatever NYC felony charges you are facing.

New York White Collar Crimes

Criminal convictions can have extraordinary effects on professionals and others with licensing concerns. The Kushner Law Group has experience handling all types of New York white collar crimes. We have the expertise to protect you and your organization.

New York Drug Crimes

New York drug crimes prosecutions in State and Federal Courts have particular challenging aspects that require highly competent attorneys.  We have protected our client's rights from prosecutorial charges stemming from  handling small marijuana possession cases to heroin conspiracy trials.

New York Appeals & Post-Conviction Relief

New York Appeals and post conviction relief are time-sensitive and labor-intensive. The Kushner Law Group handles a small number of appeals and post-conviction relief cases in order to properly dedicate time and resources to your needs.

New York Government Investigations

We provide extensive pre-arrest assistance to those who have become the target of many different federal or state agencies. The Kushner Law Group can assist you to avoid an arrest or place you in the best possible position to mitigate the effects that an arrest can have on you and your business due to Federal and New York government investigations.

General Criminal Defense

We are skilled in and can handle many other matters that affect your life. Small matters like desk appearance tickets or night arraignments are handled with the same skill, zeal, and professionalism as felony sentencing matters.

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