Manhattan Criminal Trial Lawyers

Manhattan Criminal Trial Lawyers

The Kushner Law Group’s Manhattan criminal trial lawyers have a strong record of protecting our client’s constitutional and civil rights against criminal prosecution in both State and Federal Courts. To do so, we build strong relationships of trust with our clients in order to best represent them in the sometimes confusing criminal prosecutorial process that is unique to Manhattan.

Although we have a unified court system, every court and prosecuting office in the many jurisdictions have their own traditions, rules, processes and intricacies that can make defending a case challenging for those not familiar with the court. The Kushner Law Group’s Manhattan trial attorneys have had years of experience working in Manhattan courts with Manhattan prosecutors and court staff members to help garner what we believe have been successful results for our clients. Understanding the Manhattan court’s processes and working with its staff, we believe, is a big factor in effective criminal defense.

The Kushner Law Group can help you if you’ve been charged with a crime. We can help you in many other areas, not just the areas listed below:

Major Felonies

– Drug Crimes

– White Collar Crime

– Government Investigations

– Appeals & Post Conviction Relief

– General Criminal Practice

– Other Matters We Handle

There are a finite number of charges that can be levied against a defendant in Manhattan and in State courts. Different defendants can be charged with the same crime statewide. However, we understand that every case is unique and that every case has it’s own set of circumstances that differentiate them. We know how to strategize and defend you or your loved one because we have had years of direct experience dealing with the intricacies of the Manhattan courts.

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This website and its content can only help you learn basic information concerning whatever legal predicament you are facing. No amount of online text can replace the experience and skills of a consultation with a seasoned New York City Criminal Trial Lawyer.

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