How to Find Your Next Court Appearance

You’ve been arrested and appeared before the judge for an arraignment. You typically will have to continue to show up and defend yourself against the charges. Your attorney should provide you with a notice of where and when to appear. Sometimes you lose or misplace this notice. In this post, we will show you how to use the WebCriminal website to locate the location and date of your next court appearance within the New York State Court system. As always, you should contact a competent criminal attorney to guide you through this process. We are available 24/7 at 718.504.1440 to assist.

First Step – eCourts Homepage

First you need to navigate to the eCourts homepage that is located at this link –> eCourts Homepage. The homepage looks like this

Navigate to the link that says “WebCriminal (Public)” in order to get to the WebCrims main page

Second Step – WebCriminal Main Page

I find it easiest to use the “Defendant Name” search function from the Main Page of the WebCriminal Search Features. For this post I navigated to the “Defendant Name” search function and clicked on that link as shown in the following screenshot.

We are using this system as a Public user and therefore will have to enter some Captcha characters in order to find the information for the location and date of your next court appearance. Enter the characters as shown and click on “I Agree”.

Third Step – Searching for Your Case

The Search function will now show up and look like this:

Often times the Court has a person’s name incorrectly spelled or contains other errors and it is difficult to locate your case. If you have a difficult name or cannot find your case, I recommend using the first two letters of your first and last name in order to make a broad search for your case. For this post, I used a recent celebrity arrest from Page 6 – Jacqueline Kent Cooke who was arrested on December 31, 2017. Below is my search criteria:

Once you click on “Search” at the bottom you will be presented with a number of cases. In this example, there are seven cases that match the search. The case that we are looking for is the third result in this list.

This screen gives us the most important information.  It tells us that this defendant needs to appear in “Part F” on February 18, 2018 at the New York Criminal Court.  If you merely wanted to be reminded of where and when to appear you have found what you are looking for!

Fourth Step – Learning More

The WebCriminal system will give you more details about a particular case if necessary. The system will show you a general outline of the case.

It will show you all prior and future appearances.

It will show you what charges are being prosecuted against you.

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to properly utilize technology and especially WebCriminal is an important skill for any attorney. At the Kushner Law Group we have been using technology to best represent our clients for over a decade. I hope this post was helpful for you to locate the date and place of your next court appearance. I encourage you to contact us to arrange a consultation to see if we can help you present the best defense possible. Attorneys are standing by 24/7 to answer your calls at 718.504.1440.


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