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The Kushner Law Group has had years of experience working in the many criminal courts throughout New York State and beyond. We know the rules in regards to cases tried in Manhattan criminal courts as well as the rules of the courts in Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island and the Federal Courts (Southern District of New York (SDNY) & Eastern District of New York (EDNY)). Why? Because we have spent years defending our clients rights and have worked with the court’s staff to better guide our clients through the prosecutorial process.

For most people, the criminal justice system and its processes are a maze of confusing procedures and formalities. To make matters worst, every courtroom in NYC, whether it be a state, city, administrative or federal court is managed differently. Each of these venues has their own, traditions, procedures, and rules as to how a case is prosecuted and defended. Having a strong basis of experience working in all these differing venues is essential to having a strong criminal defense.

We at the Kushner Law Group takes pride in knowing that over the years we have been able to protect our client’s constitutional rights in NYC by guiding them through what has been a very difficult time in their lives. One of the reasons why we’ve been successful is because we thoroughly understand the rules and procedures of each courtroom.

New York Courts

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• Southern District of New York (SDNY)

• Eastern District of New York (EDNY)

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