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Arrests are made every day in New York City. In most situations the person arrested and charged with a crime has little to no information or an understanding of the government processes that are taking place. As NYC criminal defense lawyers, we are happy to provide you with information on what happens when someone is arrested and what can happen after an arrest in New York City. Below, you will find information on how a defendant may be released along with the NYC arrest process, Miranda rights, search and seizure protections, arraignments, baildesk appearance tickets and pretrial suppression motions. We hope this helps you better understand the New York City arrest process.

As a reminder, no legal information supplied on a website is a substitute for actual qualified criminal defense representation. These are general information guidelines as the laws or processes may have changed depending on the jurisdiction. We hope that the information here will help give you a general background on the New York City arrest process. If you need help, call the Kushner Law group because we are qualified NYC criminal defense lawyers who can walk you through this process and defend your rights.

The arrest process can be overwhelming and you are probably wondering where to begin to get help. An arrest is a formal invitation to appear in court after you have been accused of committing a crime or offense. Click this link to learn more about arrests and police encounters.

The first appearance in court in the progress of your criminal case is called an arraignment. Charges will be formally presented and you will see a judge who will advise you of your rights. Click this link to learn about how we can help you successfully navigate this process.

After the arraignment, a judge must determine under what conditions to release you. Your subsequent appearance in court must be guaranteed by either “recognizance or bail”.  Click this Link to learn more about the process.

Under certain circumstances you can be arrested and charged by the police and released from the precinct and ordered to return to court for an arraignment at a later date. If you’ve been arrested and provided a Desk Appearance Ticket, click this Link to learn more about the process.

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